My Trade Details:

  • Buy AMC Jul 22 2022 15 Call near $1.00
  • Stop : $12
  • Target : $17

Options Up Over 150% on entry

Bullseye Pick Of The Week – AMC - Bullseye Pick of the Week

Bullseye Pick Of The Week – AMC

This week I am going with one of the worst stocks in the market – AMC.  Yes, even junk stocks can bounce and I am expecting that to happen with AMC soon.

My whole reason for going with AMC this week revolves around a slowly building uptrends that has been in place for over a month.  

This is a massive squeeze opportunity where we could see the stock shoot higher, at least for a short amount of time.

If I am wrong, I will place my stop if AMC closes under $12, which is below the recent low in the trend.

On the upside, I think AMC could briefly hit $17+ in the coming days.

Good luck this week!