My Trade Details:

  • ARKK Aug 5 2022 45 Call near $2.40
  • Stop : $41.50
  • Target : $50

More than 100% gain on entry

ARKK – Your Bullseye Pick Of The Week - Bullseye Pick of the Week

ARKK – Your Bullseye Pick Of The Week

If you know me at all, you know I absolutely detest this stock (ETF).  

It is made up of the worst companies out there, in my opinion.  

However, when I think the market is going to sustain a rally for a while, I think ARKK will outperform the QQQ so that is where I want to place my bet.

If I am wrong, I will cut my losses if ARKK closes under $41.50.  On the upside, I think this has enough room to run to almost $50 soon.

I am taking contracts that are 3 weeks out, so I may decide to hold these longer than a week if that is what it takes for one of my targets to get hit.

Best of luck to you this week!