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Is Bullseye Trades with Jeff Bishop
a Legitimate Service?

Bullseye Trades is the best-selling stock trading education service run by Jeff Bishop, a 20+ year trading veteran (with a focus on options), and a MENSA-certified genius.

Over the years, more than 41,000 people have joined the Bullseye Trades family to help them learn more about the markets and find great trades ideas week after week.

It is not a surprise that members love it! In fact, independent review site Trustpilot rates Bullseye with 4.7 stars (out of a possible 5 stars) with 96% of users rating it 4 or 5 stars

Jeff started the service years ago with a specific intention – to help new and veteran traders learn exactly what a trading pro looks at in the market each week and how he narrows his focus down to a very exact trading idea, each and every week.

On a base level, the service is incredibly simple to follow.

Jeff begins each week with an email delivered to members before the market opens on Monday. This is where he shares his thoughts on the market and reveals his prized “Bullseye” idea each week with the exact details he is looking for when it comes to how he wants to trade this idea.

It will look like this in your inbox:

As an options trading expert, he is especially focused on teaching on the precise option contract he is looking to buy along with the exact details on where his stop loss and profit targets will be. Members start their week knowing exactly what his plans are on the Bullseye stock of the week – there is 100% transparency.

Following the initial email on Monday, he then sends out alerts in near real-time as he makes the trade he just described, just like this…

Members are then invited to join him in a live trading session where he discusses the trade in exact detail and shares his thoughts on other trades that he is interested in as well.

Jeff has built an enviable track-record with this service and he proudly invites anyone who is on the fence about joining to check it out right here.  There are no smoke and mirrors, you can see the actual trades that real Bullseye members have been receiving.



CAT up over 200% in 5 days.

MARA up over 200% in 4 days.

SNOW up over 200% in 9 days

META up over 320% in 4 days.

CELH up over 400% in 4 days.

NFLX up over 300% in 11 days.

AMZN up over 700% in 2 weeks.

Knowing that most traders don’t want to sit in front of a computer all day and watch the market tick-by-tick, he designs trades that he plans to hold for multiple days at a time.

Access to Bullseye Trades is typically sold for $399 per year, but you can unlock a much lower price by simply using the link below.

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