My Trade Details:

  • TTD Nov 18 $55 put near $5
  • Stop: Close above $58
  • Target 1: $50
  • Target 2: $45


Video Recap

TTD – Your Bullseye Pick Of The Week - Bullseye Pick of the Week

The options were up over 130% in less than a week!

Here was my reasoning:

For this week, I am looking to stay on the short side of things and buy puts on TTD.

This stock had great earnings last quarter, but it has been under constant pressure since then.  There is a common theme with tech stocks that rely on advertising as their primary revenue stream, and a majority have been punished lately.

TTD has earnings coming on Nov 9th, so be aware of that if you decide to trade it. I typically like to be out of my trades prior to earnings announcements, but I just might make an exception on this one.

This trade checks a lot of boxes for me right now: TTD is trading under the mid-point of the Keltner channel, and it is under both the 200 and 5-day moving averages.

If I am wrong on this one, I will stop out for a loss if TTD closes above $58.

If things go my way, I plan to take profits near $50 and possibly even $45 if I am really lucky on this trade.