My Trade Details:

  • MARA Oct 14 2022 11 Call near $0.90
  • Stop: Close below $9.50
  • Target 1: $13
  • Target 2: $14+


MARA – Your Bullseye Pick Of The Week - Bullseye Pick of the Week

Up over 200% on entry

I noticed relative strength in Bitcoin last week and over the weekend. Given the fear last week in the QQQ’s, this was really unusual and led me to believe that the market would bounce and Bitcoin would outperform. I chose to express this Idea by making MARA my Bullseye Trade of the week!

Here’s What Happened to The Bullseye Trade Idea!

I got out the rest of my MARA trade this morning and here was the result:

The options I mentioned went up OVER 200% and I was able to capture over 144% being the piker that I am!