LEN – Your Bullseye Pick of the Week - Bullseye Pick of the Week

In a nutshell, LEN was pretty awesome. While the market was sloppy and ultimately traded higher, the options I told you about on LEN made a 150% move higher in a few days.

That is exactly how I plan every Bullseye Trade to go… though they don’t always work out that way.

My Trade Details:

  • LEN May 19 2023 $113 call near $2.20
  • Stop: Close below $107
  • Target 1: $116
  • Target 2: $120

My Reasoning:

This week, I am looking to make a bet that one of the strongest sectors will continue to charge higher, and that is with home builders.

My top idea this week is: Lennar Corp (LEN)

As I said, this will be an extremely choppy week for the markets.  When I do trade, I plan to trade with a smaller size than normal and give myself more room to stop out of a trade because things will likely be more volatile than usual.

I am looking for an initial dip on LEN to get started on my position.

I plan to add to this trade if LEN gets to around $109.