My Trade Details:

  • ERX Sept 9 2022 CALLS $58 near $3.00
  • Stop : Close under $52
  • Target 1 : $60
  • Target 2 : $62

More than 250% gain on entry

ERX – Bullseye Pick Of The Week - Bullseye Pick of the Week

ERX – Bullseye Pick Of The Week

Well this week’s Bullseye was right on target. It’s only Thursday and my best trade Idea for the week has already hit all its targets. I was out half my position on Tuesday, and took off the rest on Thursday for over 100% gain. Here’s what happened:

ERX exploded on Tuesday and my first target of $60 was hit. It’s been one of the strongest trading instruments in the entire market this week as the price of crude continues higher. On Wednesday the trend in ERX continued and it hit my second target of $62 and I took off the rest of the trade. Despite overall market weakness the Energy sector was on fire this week outperforming.

There was a reason this was my Bullseye pick of the week and it worked perfectly. Congrats to everyone who joined me on this one!