Jan. 31, 2022

My Trade Plan:

  • Stop:  Under $420
  • Target 1: $450
  • Target 2: $475

My Trade #1 (spicy):

  • Buy DPZ Calls
  • Expiration: Feb 11 2022
  • Strike: $440 
  • Price: near $8.00

My Trade #2 (mild):

  • Sell DPZ Put Credit Spread
  • Expiration: Feb 11 2022
  • Strike: $420/410
  • Price: near $3.00

Digital World Acquisitions Corp. (DWAC) - Bullseye Pick of the Week

DWAC was the Bullseye trade of the week. The stock IPO was on September 30, and the stock skyrocketed upward reaching a high of $170. With stock’s huge volatility, and the chart pulling back to lower levels, it became the Bullseye candidate of the week.

Original Alert went out on January 31`, 2022.

If I am right and the market reverses, I think DPZ has a great chance to rebound, which I will discuss with you at the live training session today @ 11am EST.

DPZ stock has lost over 20% of its value just since the New Year started.  

It has been trending in oversold territory for most of the month and it has recently shown signals that this could be the short-term bottom. 

The hourly chart has also started to form a descending triangle pattern as the bulls have stepped in to defend the $425 price level from the bears.

Where do I think DPZ can go from here?

I do think DPZ stock will trade lower and test the $430 level soon.  

But this is a good thing!

This is the area where I want to be a buyer for the options.  My stop on this would be a break for DPZ below the $420 level, which is where I would put my stop on the trade.