My Trade Details:

  • CELH Dec 16 2022 100 Call near $5.50
  • Stop: Close below $85
  • Target 1: $102
  • Target 2: $108


Video Recap

CELH – Your Bullseye Pick Of The Week - Bullseye Pick of the Week

The options were up over 400%

Here’s how I traded it:

Here was my reasoning:

One of the most bullish stocks I see right now is CELH, and that is my Bullseye idea for this week.

CELH is an earnings winner and the stock rallied over 25% from the lows just a couple of weeks ago.  It is taking a little breather right now but I expect it to continue to move up soon. 

The stock is trading above the 200-day, 13-day, and is sitting right at the 5-day moving averages which are all extremely bullish.

I would like to buy call options on this stock all the way down to $92.  That being said, I will only be starting with a half-sized position today if I get filled on my order.  I want to save some ammo to buy more if the stock goes a little lower from here.

My stop loss will be a closing price below $85.  That has been a strong support level recently and if that fails, I will get out with a loss on the trade.

If things work out, I expect to see CELH break over $100.  My two upside targets are $102 and then $108.