My Trade Details:

  • CAT Oct 7 2022 180 Put near $6
  • Stop : Close above $188
  • Target : $170


Bullseye Pick Of The Week – CAT - Bullseye Pick of the Week

CAT over 200% move potential

I think the downtrend will continue and it will retest the lows that we saw in July around $170.  That is my target if things go my way.  Remember, if you are betting against a stock by buying puts, then you want the price of the stock to fall.  We will discuss this live today @ 11am.


If I am wrong, CAT will go up from here.  I would then stop out or a loss with a close above $188.


I am also only going to start with a half position size on this trade.  I would like to have room to add to the position if CAT gets back to the low-$180 area.