BA Calls – My Bullseye Pick of the Week - Bullseye Pick of the Week

My Trade Plan Details:

  • BA May 31 $190 calls near $2.00
  • Stop: Close BA below $178
  • Target 1: $190
  • Target 2: $200

Options up over 80% in just 1 day!

My Reasoning:

Anyways, looking at this week we have a major earnings report coming out for BA on Wednesday night.

That is going to likely show us the next direction for the market.  I don’t want to make too many guesses on that. I don’t think tech stocks are the place I want to be this week with that event coming up.

As I look at other sectors, there are several looking good right now.

But, this week, I especially like a company that has been in the news a lot this year (mainly for Bad reasons), but it is showing all the signs I would look for on a reversal, and I think it deserves attention right now.

My Bullseye pick that I want to buy this week is (BA) calls.

My plan is to get started buying both BA stock and options near the open today, hopefully, somewhere near my target entry price I posted below.

I will probably buy a sizeable position, and try to flip out of it during the day if we see a nice rally if I can get 30-50% on the options.

If things go against me, I plan to use a closing price under $178 as a stop price for my trade.