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Meet the Trader

Jeff Bishop is the Co-Founder and Head of Options Trading at, where ordinary investors learn professional trading techniques from real-money traders in a hands-on environment.

As a 20+ year Wall Street trading veteran, Jeff has been widely featured on news outlets as an options trading expert. Jeff leverages his education background in Finance & Economics along with his extensive options trading career, to educate traders on how to navigate the stock market.

Jeff is an esteemed MENSA member, (the high IQ society) and is highly regarded for his knowledge of the global markets. But it is his experience teaching tens of thousands of traders over the past decade that has enabled Jeff to be such a successful teacher for both new and developing traders. Today, Jeff is considered one of the world’s top stock market educators, with Bullseye Trades being the centerpiece of his successful trading education services.

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Every Monday at the market open, Jeff will send you his weekly Bullseye Trade.

  •  The stock or ETF he’s looking to trade
  • ​ The technical and fundamental analysis that’s fueling the plan​
  • ​ The EXACT options contract(s) that Jeff is eyeing​
  • ​ His desired entry price​
  • ​ His target and stop loss plan for the trade​

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Jeff uses all of this to teach you HOW, and WHY he zeros in on these trades, so you can begin to apply these techniques to your own trading!

Jeff will be sending you a Mid-Week Update on the week’s Bullseye Trade. This detailed breakdown gives you the chance to learn:


  •  Whether Jeff’s still in Bullseye Trade or not, Jeff provides members with an update as the week progresses
  •  The stock of ETF’s price action since Monday, along with the how the sector, and the entire market, are affecting the trade​
  •  ​How the week’s price action has worked with or against the trade plan
  •  Any updates to the trade plan, based on the technicals or news surrounding the trade

You’ll have access to Jeff’s Video Training Series, “The Launchpad” , which covers topics like:

  •  The Basics of Charts & Technical Analysis​
  • Options Fundamentals
  •  The Anatomy of Momentum Stocks​
  •   Comparing Different Bullish Options Strategies
  •   Trading Large Cap Stocks
  •   …and more

And Jeff is constantly adding to his Launchpad Training Video Series!

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